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Life Shayari In English

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Life Shayari In English With Images

๐Ÿ• "Life is God’s ."
 "1" Jeevan Hi Ishwar Hain..
Best Life Shayari In English
๐Ÿ• "Because of your smile your make your life more beautiful."
 "2" Aapki Muskaan Ke Karan Aap Apane Jeevan Ko Aur Adhik Sundar Banaate Hain..
Emotional Shayari In English On Life
๐Ÿ• "Life seems to us easy when it Comaes to others."
 "3" Jab Dusaro Ki Baat Aati Hain To Jeevan Hame Aasaan Lagane Lagata Hain..
life depression sad shayari In English
๐Ÿ• "Loyalty is expensive Don’t expect it From cheap people."
 "4" Life Me Wafa Mahngi Hain, Saste Logon Se Isaki Ummid Na Karo..
sad life shayari In English
๐Ÿ• "Life is a big question that even google can’t answer."
 "5" Zindagi Ek Bada Sawaal Hain Jisaka Jawaab Google hi Nahi De Sakataa..
my life shayari In English
๐Ÿ• "Life is to Taste, not to waste."
 "6" Jeevan Swaad Ke Liye Hain, Barbaad Karane Ke Liye Nahi..
Life is to Taste, not to waste
๐Ÿ• "Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in person. It’s just the way take you to a place Where no one else can."
 "7" Kabhi-Kabhi Aap Jeevan Me Yah Nahi Samjha Sakate Ki Aap Vyaktigat Roop Se Kya Dekhate Hain, Yah Aapko Ek Esi Jagah Le Jaane Ka Tarika Hain Jaha Koi Aur Nahi Ja Sakata..
๐Ÿ• "Problems in your life Never come to destroy you, but to Assist you to realize your hidden Power."
 "8" Aapke Jeevan Me Samsyaye Aapko Nasht Karane Kabhi Nahi Aati, Balki Aapki Chhipi Huyyi Shakti Ko Prakat Karane Me Aapki Madad Ko Aati Hain..
๐Ÿ• "It’s fine to celebrate success But it is more important to Head the lessons of failure."
 "9" Jeevan Me Safalata Ka Jashn Manaana Thik Hain, Lekin Asafalata Se Sabak Lena Jyadaa Jaruri Hain..
Happpy life shayari In English
๐Ÿ• "Hard time to teaches You a valuable lessons."
 "10" Jeevan Ka Kathin Samay Aapko Ek Mulywaan Sabak Sikhane Ke Liye Aata Hain
life shayari In English copy paste
๐Ÿ• "Two things make man godlike: life for the society and the truth."
 "11" Do Chize Manushy Ko Ishwartulya Banaati Hain, Samaj Ke Jeevan Aur Satya..
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๐Ÿ• "Some are born rich Some make themselves rich."
 "12" Life Me Kuchh Ameer Paida Hote Hain, Kuchh Khud Ko Kameer Banate Hain.. Attitude life shayari In English
Attitude life shayari In English
๐Ÿ• "Life Is like A Mobile You Have Charge Yourself To Keep Running."
 "13" Jeevan Ek Mobile Ki Tarah Hain Jise Chalane Ke Liye Aapko Khud Ko Charge Karana Padata Hain..
Mobile life shayari In English
๐Ÿ• "World is small and life is short Spread smiles and share peace."
 "14" Duniya Chhoti Hain Aur Jeevan Chhota Hain, Muskuraon Aur Shanti Baanto..
Smiles Life Shayari In English
๐Ÿ• "Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
 "15" Jeevan Apane Aap KO Khozane Ke Bare Mai Nahi Hain, Zindagi Se Tatparya Apne Aap Ko Banaana Hota Hian..
life shayari In English sad
๐Ÿ• "We never know the best time of our life until it becomes a memory."
 "16" Ham Apane Jeevan Ke Sarvshreshth Samay Ko Tab Tak Nahi Jana Paate Jab Tak Ki Wah Ek Smriti Na Ban Jaaye..
famous shayari on life In English
๐Ÿ• "If someone stupid enough to walk Out of your life Then be smart enough to let them go."
 "17" Yadi Koi Itana Murkh Hain Ki Wah Aapke Jeevan Se Chala Jaay To Itana Samjhdaar Ho Ki Use Jaane De..
๐Ÿ• "Success Is Not The Key Of Life Life Only Need Happiness."
 "18" Safalata Jeevan Ki Kunji Nahi Hain Jeevan Ko Keval Khushi Chahiye..
Best Happy Life Shayari In English
๐Ÿ• "life Is Not About Finding Happiness. It’s About Finding Yourself."
 "19" Jeevan Khushi Paane Ke Baare Me Nahi YAh Khud Ko Khojane Ke Baare Me Hain..
Best English Shayari for life
๐Ÿ• "Great Achievers are Driven Not so much by the pursuit Of success, But by the Fear of Failures."
 "20" Jeevan Me Mahaan Uplbdhiya Hasil Karane Wale, Safalata Ki Khoz Se Nahi Balki Asafalata Ke Dar Se Prerit Hote Hain..
๐Ÿ• "The greatest and the most divine feature of the man is the ability to forgive and pity."
 "21" Life Me Manushya Ki Sabse Badi Aur Dibya Visheshtaye Chhama Karane Aur Daya Karane Ki Kshmata..
๐Ÿ• "Take a deep breath. It’s just a bad day not a bad life."
 "22" Gahari Sans Lena Yah Sirf Ek Bura Din Hain, Bura Jeevan Nahi..
Shayari in english about life
๐Ÿ• "Stop overthinking and making up Problems that doesn’t exist."
 "23" Jeevan Me Jyaada Sochana Aur Esi Samsya Banaana Band Kare Jinaka Aastitva Hi Nahi
๐Ÿ• "Never Tell Anyone About Your Dreams Show Them With Results."
 "24" Apane Sapanon Ke Baare Me Kabhi Kisi Ko Naa Bataye Balki Unhe PArinaam Ke SATH Dikhaye..
๐Ÿ• "Never interrupt your enemy When he is making a mistake."
 "25" Jab Aapka Dushman Galati Kar RAha Ho To Use Kabhi Beech Me Toke Nahi..

Life Status In English For Whatsapp

๐Ÿ• "There’s only one success; live your life the way you want."
 "26" Keval Ek Hi Safalata Hain, Apane Jeevan Ko Waise Hi Jiye Jaise Aap Chahate Hain..
Unique Shayari On Life in English For WhatsApp
๐Ÿ• "A Negativity Though Will Never Help You To Gain Positivity."
 "27" Ek Nakaratmakta Halnki Aapko Saratmakta Sahil Karane Me Madad Nahi Karegi..
๐Ÿ• "A big thank you To all people who Never gets tired Of supporting me."
 "28" Un Sabhi Logo Ko Bahut-Bahut Dhanywaad Jo Jeevan Bhar Mera Samarthan Karate Nahi Thakate..
๐Ÿ• "Dream as if you’ll Live forever. Live As if tomorrow is Last one."
 "29" Sapane Ese Dekho Maano Tum Anant-Kaal Tak Jioge, Ese Jeeo Jaise Kal Aakhiri Ho..
๐Ÿ• "When You Follow Your Dreams You Choose To Make Rest Of Your Life The Best Of Your Life."
 "30" Jab Aap Apane Sapanon Ka Paalan Karate Hain Hain To Aap Apane Shesh Jeevan Ka Sarbshreshth Bananaa Chunate Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Make sure you have Your own life before Becoming someone’s Wife."
 "31" Kisi Ki Patni Banane Se Pahale Sunishchit Kar Le Ki Aapka Apana Jeevan Hain..
๐Ÿ• "You don’t deserve someone Who comes back, you Deserve someone who never leaves."
 "32" Aap Jeevan Me Usake Layak Nahi Hain Jo Wapas Aata Hain, Aap Usake Layak Hain Jo Kabhi Nahi Jataa..
๐Ÿ• "Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of others."
 "33" Jeevan Me Dusaron Ke Sath Tulana Kiye Bina Apane Jeevan Ka Aanand Le..
Shayari On Life in English For Facebook
๐Ÿ• "Success Is Never Easy To Get So Always Take Strong Decision."
 "34" Life Me Safalata Kabhi Bhi Aasan Nahi Hoti Isliye Hamesha Majbut Nrinay Le..
๐Ÿ• "My life isn’t perfect but it does have perfect moments."
 "35" Mera Jeevan Sampurna Nahi Hian, Lekin isame Uttam Chhan Hain..
Shayari On Life in English For WhatsApp
๐Ÿ• "All Life is an experiment The more experiments you make the better."
 "36" Pura Jeevan Ek Prayog Hain Aap Jitane Adhik Prayog Kare Utana Hi Achchha Hain.

Life Depression Sad Shayari

๐Ÿ• "A loyal person is always Better than a royal person."
 "37" Jeeva Me Ek Wafadaar Vyakti Hamesha Ek Shahi Vyyakti Se Behatar Hota Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Sometimes you want To talk a person very  Badly, but you don’t Text or call them because They might get disturbed by you."
 "38" Kabhi-Kabhi Aap Kisi Vykti Se Buri Tarah Baat Karana Chahate Hain, Lekin Aap Unhe Text  Ya Call Nahi Karate Kyuki We Aapse Pareshan Ho Sakate Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Each new day is another chance to change your life."
 "39" Pratyek Naya Din Aapke Jeevan Ko Badalane Ka Ek Aur Mauka Hain.. Shayari On Life in English 
Shayari On Life in English
๐Ÿ• "Never judge the people By their past People learn, People, change, People move on."
 "40" Jeevan Me Logon Ko Unake Ateet Se Mat Aakiye Log Sikhate Hain, Log Badalate Hain, Log Aage Badhate Hain..
๐Ÿ• "The only limit to our realization of tomorrow Will be our dobts of today."
 "41" Hamare Kal Ke Ehasaas Ki Ekmatra Seema Aaj Ke Sandeh Honge..
๐Ÿ• "The only people you need in life are the ones that need you in theirs."
 "42" Jeevan Keval Unhi Logo Ki Jarurat Hoti Hain, Jinhe Aapki Jarurat Hoti Hain
English WhatsApp Shayari for life
๐Ÿ• "mein The biggest suspense Of life is that you don’t Know who’s praying for You and who’s playing with you."
 "43" Jeevan Ka Sabase Bada Rahasya Yah Hain Ki Aap Nahi Janate Ki Kaun Aapke Liye Prathna Kar Raha Hain Aur Kaun Aapke Sath Khel Raha Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Always Remember Every Successful Person Had To Struggle."
 "44" Hamesha Yaad Rakhe Har Safal Vakti Ko Jeevan Me Sangharsh Karana Padata Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Miserable is the one who has nothing left from his childhood."
 "45" Jeevan Me Dukhi Wah Hain Jisake Paas Bachapan Ka Kuchh Shesh Na Raha..
๐Ÿ• "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."
 "46" Jeevan Ko Peechhe Jakar Samjha Ja Sakata Hain, Lekin Ise Aage Jeena Hain..
Best Images life shayari
๐Ÿ• "When you gave importance to people They think you are always free. But they Don’t understand that you yourself Available for them."
 "47" Jab Aap Jeevan Me Logo Ko Ahamiyat Dete Hain To Wo Sochate Hain Ki Aap Hamesha Aazad Hain, Lekin We Yah Nahi Samjhate Ki Aap Svyam Unake Liye Uplabdh Hain..
๐Ÿ• "I’d rather have honest enemies than fake friends."
 "48" Main Jeevan Me Nakali Doston Ke Bajaay Imandaar Dushman Rakhana Pasand Karunga..
๐Ÿ• "People who say they Don’t need anybody went through a lot of shit because of somebody."
 "49" Jo Log Kahate Hain Ki Unhe Life Me Kisi Ki Jarurat Nahi Hain, We Kisi Ke Kaaran Bahut Dard Me Hain..
๐Ÿ• "If you want next Level results, Then your efforts Better be next level."
 "50" Yadi Aap Jeevan Me Agale Star Ke Parinaam Chahate Hain, To Behatar Hoga Ki Aap Prayaas Agale Star Ka Kare..
๐Ÿ• "From nothing to Something we came Here from hard work."
 "51" Life Me Kuchh Nahi Hain, Kuchh-Kuchh TAK Ham Yaha Kadi Mehanat Se Aaye Hain..
๐Ÿ• "The quickest way to Double your money Is to fold it in half And put it back In your pocket."
 "52" Apane Paise Ko Duganaa Karane Ka Sabase Tez Tarika Hain Ise Aadha Modana Aur Wapas Jeb Me Rakh Lena..

English Shayari On Life Copy And Paste

๐Ÿ• "Don’t call it to dream Call it A plan."
 "53" Ise Sapana Mat Kaho Ise Life Ki Ek Yojana Kaho..
๐Ÿ• "Many people don’t live but intend to live."
 "54" Bahut Se Log Jeete Nahi Lekin Jeene Ka Iraada Rakhate..
๐Ÿ• "Sometimes it’s better To remain silent and smile."
 "55" Kabhi-Kabhi Life Me Chup Rahana Aur Muskurana Bbehatar Hota Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Life is like a mountain, not a beach."
 "56" Jeevan Pahaad Ki Tarah Hain Samundra Ke Kinaro Ki Tarah Nahi..
Motivational life shayari in english
๐Ÿ• "Life. not a problem to be solved. but a reality to be experienced."
 "57" Jeevan Hal Karane Ke Liye Koi Samsya Nahi, Lekin Anubhav Karane Ke Liye Ek Vastavikta Hain..
life depression sad shayari
๐Ÿ• "Your Success Is Only The Answer To The Questions Of Society."
 "58" Aapki Safalata Hi Samaj ke Sawalon Ka Jawaab Hain..
2 line life status in english
๐Ÿ• "The first condition of immortality is the death."
 "59" Jeevan Me Amartva Ki Pahali Shart Mrityu Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Don’t judge someone’s life until you’ve felt their pain."
 "60" Kesi Ke Jeevan Ka Aankalan Tab Tak Na Kare JabTak Aap Unake Dard Ko Mahasus Na Kare..
life Zindagi shayari in english
๐Ÿ• "When you are a Good person You don’t lose People, people Lose you."
 "61" Jab Aap Ek Achchhe Insaan Hote Hain To Aap Logo Ko Nahi Khote Hain, Log Aapko Kho Dete Hain..
๐Ÿ• "It’s never too late For a new beginning In your life."
 "62" Aapke Jeevan Me Ek Aur Shuruaat Ke Liye Abhi Der Nahi Hui Hain..
Sad Shayari  In English For Life
๐Ÿ• "You can’t make Everybody happy You are a human Not Netflix."
 "63" Aap Jeevan Me Har Kisi Ko Khush Nahi Kar Sakate, Aap Insaan Hain Netflix Nahi..
๐Ÿ• "Always Remember Beginning is The hardest part."
 "64" Hamesha Yaad Rakhe Jeevan Ki Shuruaat Sabase Kathin Hissa Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Rejection is the injection of progression ."
 "65" Jeevan Me Asvikrti Pragti Ka Ijection Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Life is too valuable to get stuck."
 "66" Fasane Ke Liye Jeevan Bahut Mulywaan Hain..
life depression sad shayari english
๐Ÿ• "First, they will Laugh Then they will Copy Don’t Give Up."
 "67" Pahale Hansenge Fir Copy Karenge, Isliye Jeevan Me Kabhi Haar Mat MAniye..
๐Ÿ• "You Have All Answers You Only Need The Right Question."
 "68" Aapke Paas Jeevan Ke Sabhi Uttar Hain, Aapko Keval Sahi Prashn Ki Aavashykta Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Always remember one thing People only miss you when you look good or doing good."
 "69" Ek Baat Hamesha Jeevan Me Yaad Rakhe Log Aapko Tabhi Yaad Karate Hain, Jab Aap Achchhe Dikhate Hain Ya Achchha Karate Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Everybody wants to live long but nobody wants to get older."
 "70" Lambi Umra To Har Koi Chahata Hain Lekin Budha Koi Nahi Hona Chahata..
๐Ÿ• "Some people will never Support you because They are afraid of what You might become."
 "71" Kuchh Log Aapka Samarthan Kabhi NAHI Karenge Kyuki We Is Baat Se Darate Hain Ki Aap Jeevan Me Aage Badh Jayenge..
๐Ÿ• "Anyone who has never Made mistakes have Never tried anything new."
 "72" Jeesane Jeevan Me Galatiyan Nahi Ki Usane Kabhi Kuchh Naya Karane Ki Koshish Nahi Ki..
๐Ÿ• "The first rule of 2023 :  Don’t talk about the Past, Create Your future ."
 "73" 2023 Ka Pahala Niyam:- Ateet Ki Baat Mat Karo, Apana Bhavishya Banao..

 English Shayari On Life

๐Ÿ• "Take control of your life today and don’t wait for tomorrow to make a change."
 "74" Aaj Apane Jeevan Par Niyntrit Rakhe Aur Badalav Karane Ke Liye Kal Ki Pratiksha Na Kare..
best shayari on life in english
๐Ÿ• "Flow  in the direction your heart wishes to go."
 "75" Jis Disha Me Aapka Dil Jana Chahata Hain, Use Us Disha Me Jaane De..
๐Ÿ• "Make money to live Don’t live o earn money."
 "76" Jeene Ke Liye Paise Kamao Paise Kamane Ke Liye Mat Jeeo..
๐Ÿ• "A clear rejection is always better than a fake promise."
 "77" Jeevan Me Ek Jhuthe Wade Se Ek Spasht Asvikriti Hamesha Behatar Hoti Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Lies never look cool, Cheats never look beautiful."
 "78" Jeevan Me Jhuth Kabhi Achchha Nahi Lagata, Dhokha Kabhi Khubsurat Nahi Lagata..
๐Ÿ• "The best revenge is no revenge. Move on and be happy."
 "79" Sabase Achchha Badala Koi Badala Nahi, Aage Badho Aur Jeevan Bhar Khush Raho..
๐Ÿ• "What is written good is never boring. Style is the life itself, the blood of a thought."
 "80" Jo Achchha Likha Jata Hain Wah Kabhi Ubaau Nahi Hota, Shaili Hi Vichar Ka Rakt Hain Aur Ek Jeevan Hain..
๐Ÿ• "I don’t Love Studying I hate Studying I like learning Learning is beautiful."
 "81" Mujhe Jeevan Bhar Padhai Se Pyaar Naa Raha, Mujhe Padhai Se Nafarat Hain, Mujhe Sikhana Pasand Hain Aur Sikhana Sundar Hain..
๐Ÿ• "The question a out the meaning of life is the most urgent one."
 "82" Jis Disha Me Aapka Dil Jana Chahata Hain, Use Us Disha Me Jaane De..
single life shayari in english
๐Ÿ• "Not the pleasures make value life, but life makes enjoy the pleasures."
 "83" Aanand Jeevan Ko Mahatva Nahi Deta, Balki Jeevan Aanand Ka Aanand Hain..
Emotional Shayari English On Life
๐Ÿ• "The question a out the meaning of life is the most urgent one."
 "84" Jeevan Ke Arth Ka Prashn Jaruri Hain..
English Shayari on life love
๐Ÿ• "When your intentions are pure, You don’t lose anyone. People lose you."
 "85" Jab Jeevan Me Aapke Iraade Nek Ho To Aap Kisi Ko Nahi Khote, Log Aapko Kho Dete Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Sometimes You Do Not Have Options Means You Have To Make one."
 "86" Kabhi-Kabhi Aapke Paas Jeevan Me Vikalp Nahi Hote Hain, Isaka Matalab Hain Ki Aapko Ek Banaana Hoga..
๐Ÿ• "Always Keep Your eyes on The Sky. But Your Feet On The Ground."
 "87" Jeevan Me Hamesha Apani Aankhe Aasamaan Par Rakhe, Lekin Aapke PAir Zameen Par Ho..
๐Ÿ• "Man realizes that he is old when he stops living with home."
 "88" Apane Jeevan Me Aadami Ko Budhe Hone Ka Ehasaas Tab Hota Hain Jab Wah Ghar Ke Sath Rahana Chhod Deta Hain
๐Ÿ• "The worst thing in life is that it passes."
 "89" Jeevan Me Sabase Buri Baat YYah Hain Ki Yah Bit Jata Hain..
Struggle life Shayari in english
๐Ÿ• "We live only once, but if you do it right once is enough."
 "90" Ham Keval Ek Baar Jeete Hain Lekin Agar Aap Ise Thik Se Karate Hain To Life Ek Baar Ki Kafi Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Money is like a Dettol It kills 99.99% of problems."
 "91" Jeevan Me Paisa Dettol Ki Tarah Hain Yah 99.99% Samsyayo Ko Khatm Kar Deta Hain..
Shayari On Life In English
๐Ÿ• "If you have no confidence in self you are twice defeated in race of life."
 "92" Agar Aapko Khud Par Vishvaas Nahi Hain To Aap Jeevan Ki Daud Me Haar Chuke Hain
Heart Touching Shayari on life in English
๐Ÿ• "Everything is easy When you are busy But nothing is easy  When you are lazy ."
 "93" Jab Aap Life Me Vyast Hote Hain To Sab Kuchh Aasaan Hota Hain Lekin Jab Aap Aalasi Hote Hain To Kuchh Bhi Aasaan Nahi Hota..
๐Ÿ• "The best project you’ll Ever work on is you."
 "94" Aap Jeevan Ke Sabase Achchhe Project Par Kaam Karenge.. Wah Aap Hain.. english shayari on life copy and paste
๐Ÿ• "I am single because, I don’t want anyone To control my life."
 "95" Main Single Hun Kyuki Main Nahi Chahata Ki Koi Meri Life Control Kare..
english shayari on life copy and paste
๐Ÿ• "If you want to live a happy life Tie it to a goal, not to people Or things."
 "96" Yadi Aap Ek Sukhi Jeevan Jeena Chahate Hain To Ise Ek Lkshya Se Bandhe, Logo Ya Chizon Se Nahi..
life 2 line shayari in English
๐Ÿ• "It’s good to trust other But, not to do so is much better."
 "97" Jeevan Me Dusaro Par Bharosha Karani Achchhi Bat Hain, Lekin Esa Naa Karana Aur Bhi Achchhi Baat Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there."
 "98" Jeevan Me Paisa Aur Safalata Logo Ko Nahi Badalate, We Keval Wahi Badhate Hain Jo Pahale Se Maujud Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Some people don’t need help They just want attention."
 "99" Jeevan Me Kuchh Logon Ko Madad Ki Jarurat Nahi Hoti, We Sirf Dhyaan Chahate Hain..
๐Ÿ• "If your goal set you Apart from the crowd, Then stand alone."
 "100" Agar Aapka Lakshya Aapko Bheed Se Alag Karataa Hainm To Akele Khade Ho..
๐Ÿ• "Everything will be okay at the end If it is not okay, it is not the end ."
 "101" Anth Me Sab Thik Ho Jayega Agar Yah Thik Nahi Hain, To Yah Anth Nahi Hain
๐Ÿ• "I’m bad because I failed to find Good people."
 "102" Main Bura Hun, Kyuki Main Zindagi Bhar Achchhe Logo Ko Khozane Me Asafal Raha..
Emotional and Thoughtful Life Shayari in English
๐Ÿ• "The question a out the meaning of life is the most urgent one."
 "103" Jeevan Ke Arth Ka Prashn Sabase Jaruri Hain

Emotional and Thoughtful Life Shayari in English

๐Ÿ• "No matter how much you care for someone, One day they will leave you."
 "104" Aap Kisi Ki, Jeevan Bhar Kitani Bhi Parwaah Kyu Naa Kar Le, Ek Din We Aapko Chhod Kar Chale Jayenge..
๐Ÿ• "Choose The Job You Like And You Will never feel You Are Working."
 "105" Apane Jeevan Me Apani Pasand Ki Job Chune Aur Aapko Kabhi Bhi Yah Mahasus Nahi Hoga Ki Aap Kaam Kar Rahe Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Don’t be so proud of your skin Colour We all are the same when the light goes off."
 "106" Apani Tvacha Ke Rang Par Itana Garva Na Kare, Jab Light Chali Jati Hain To Ham Sabhi Ek Jaise Hote Hain
๐Ÿ• "Life is a motion from a desire to another desire."
 "107" Jeevan Ek Ichchha Se Dusari Ichchha Ki Gati Hain..
Emotional and Thoughtful Life Shayari English
๐Ÿ• "Dear girls Stop wasting tears for A fake person, somewhere A person is dying to Get text from you."
 "108" Priy Ladakiyon Ek Nakli Vyakti Ke Liye Ansu Barbaad Karana Band Karo, Kahi Koi Vakti Aapse Pyaar Paane Ko Taras Raha..
๐Ÿ• "If you are happy with your work Fuck what people think about you."
 "109" Agar Jeevan Me Aap Apane Kaam Se Khush Hain To Bhaad me Jaaye Wo Log Jo Aapke Baare Me Kya Sochate Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Positive Imagination generates Positive Power And Makes life better."
 "110" Sakaratmak Kalpana Sakaratmak Shakti Utpann Karati Hain Aur Jeevan Ko Behatar Banaati Hain..
Best shayari on life in english with images
๐Ÿ• "The best revenge is showing them That your life is getting Better after they’re gone."
 "111" Sabase Achchha Badala Unhe Dikha Raha Hain Ki Unake Jaane Ke Baad Aapka Jeevan Behatar Ho Raha Hain..
English Shayari on life 2 lines
๐Ÿ• "There comes a point in your life when you realize to whom you really matter."
 "112" Aapke Jeevan Me Ek Bindu Aata Hain Jab Aapko Ehasaas Hota Hain Ki Aap Kisake Liye Vastav Me Mayane Rakhaye Hain..
Image of Struggle life Shayari in english
๐Ÿ• "There is no future in the past. Move on."
 "113" Ateet Me Koi Bhavishya Nahi Hain, Jeevan Hain Aage BAdho..
๐Ÿ• "Life is like photography, you develop from the negatives."
 "114" Jeevan Photography Ki Tarah Hain, Aap Nakaratmak Se Viksit Hote Hain..
๐Ÿ• "I never lie because I don’t fear anyone people only lie when they are afraid."
 "115" Main Life ME Kabhi Jhuth Nahi Bolata Kyuki Main Kisi Se Nahi Darata Log Keval Tab Jhuth Bolate Hain Jab We Darate Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Don’t cheat if you are not happy Just leave."
 "116" Life Me Agar Aap Khush Nahi Hain To Dhokha Na De Bas Chhod De..
๐Ÿ• "Every man needs a good woman in his life Even if she is just a friend A good woman adds value To a man’s life, no matter what capacity she serves in."
 "117" Har Purush Ko Apane Jeevan Me Ek Achchhi Mahila Ki Jarurat Hoti Hain, Bhale Hi Wah Sirf Ek Dost Hi Kyu Na Ho, Ek Achchhi Mahila Ek Purush Ke Jeevan Me Mulya Jodati Hain, Chahe Wah Kisi Bhi Chhamata Me Kaam Karati Ho..
๐Ÿ• "It’s not what people say to you, it’s what they do, that tells you what kind of person they really are."
 "118" Yah Wah Nahi Hain Jo Log Aapse Kahate Hain Yah Wah Hain Jo We Karate Hain, Jo Aapko Bataata Hain Ki We Vastav Me Kis Prakaar Ke Vykti Hain
๐Ÿ• "Sometimes you need Bad things to happen To inspire you to Change and grow."
 "119" Jeevan Me Kabhi-Kabhi Aapko Badalane Aur Badhane Ke Liye Prerit Karane Ke Liye Buri Chizo Ki Aavashykta Hoti Hain..
๐Ÿ• "I know you don’t miss me anymore And it breaks me even more."
 "120" Mujhe Pata Hain Ki Tum Ab Yaad Nahi Karate Aur Yah Mujhe Aur Jyaada Tod Deta Hain
๐Ÿ• "Sometimes it’s not about  Who has more talent It’s about Who’s hungrier."
 "121" Kabhi-Kabhi Yah Is Baare Me Nahi Hain Ki Kisake Paas Adhik Pratibha Hain, Yah Isake Baare Me Hain Ki Kaun Adhik Bhukha Hain Aur Adhik Pratibha Paane Ke Liye
๐Ÿ• "For help You can do Anything but Not everything."
 "122" Madad Ke L;iye Aap Kuchh Bhi Kar Sakate Hain Lekin Jeevan Me Sab Kuchh Nahi..

Life shayari in English short

๐Ÿ• "It’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes."
 "123" Life Me Kabhi-Kabhi Kamjor Hona Thik Hain
๐Ÿ• "Hopes are nerves of life. Tension makes us suffer."
 "124" Aashaye Jeevan Ki Nase Hain, Tanaav Hame Pareshan Karata Hain..
Life shayari in English short
๐Ÿ• "Don’t choose. Accept life as it is in its totality."
 "125" Mat Chuno Jeevan Ko Waise Hi Svikaar Kare Jaise Wah Apani Samagrta ME Hain..
Life shayari short in English
๐Ÿ• "The way we live our days Is the way we live our lives."
 "126" Jis Tarah Se Ham Apane Din Jeete Hain, Usi Tarah Se Ham Apane Jeevan Ko Jeete Hain..
๐Ÿ• "In the end Only Result Matters Not the Efforts."
 "127" Anth Me Keval Parinaam Maayane Rakhata Hain, Prayaas Nahi..
๐Ÿ• "You can do anything, but not everything."
 "128" Tu Jeevan me Kuchh Bhi Kar Sakate Ho Lekin Sab Kuchh Nahi..
๐Ÿ• "Save your feelings for, Someone who cares."
 "129" Jeevan Me Kisi Ke Liye Apani Bhavanaon Ko Bachaye, Jo Aap Ki Parwaah Karata Hain
๐Ÿ• "Don’t worry my time is bad But I will rise."
 "130" Chinta Mat Karo Mera Samay Kharab Hain, Lekin Main Uthunga..
๐Ÿ• "The art of living is in living with a perspective."
 "131" Jeevan Me Jeene Ki Kala Ek Drishtikon Ke Sath Jeene Me Hain..
๐Ÿ• "There are no mistakes Or failures, only lessons."
 "132" Koi Galatiya Yaa Asagalataye Nahi Hain, Keval Jeevan Ka Sabak Hain..
๐Ÿ• "I am not the person I once was."
 "133" Main Wah Vyakti Nahi Hun Jo Main Ek Baar Tha..
๐Ÿ• "Never forget karma is always online."
 "134" Jeevan Ka Stya:- Karm Ko Kabhi Naa Bhule, Yah Hamesha Online Hota Hain..
๐Ÿ• "I’m not a hero to play I’m here to dominate."
 "135" Main Khelane Ke Liye Hero Nahi Hun, Main Yaha Haavi Hone Ke Liye Hun..
๐Ÿ• "Bad days are The Ones that Build better days."
 "136" Jeevan Ke Bure Din Hi Achchhe Dinon Ka Nirmaan Karate Hain..
๐Ÿ• "If You Stop Improving Then You Stop Life."
 "137" Yadi Aap Sudhaar Karana Band Kar Dete Hain To Aap Jeevan Ko Rok Dete Hain..
whatsapp shayari about life In English
๐Ÿ• "Life Is Not A Problem It is a Question To be Solved."
 "138" Jeevan Koi Samsya Nahi Hain Yah Ek Prashn Hain Jise Hal Kiya Jaana Hain
๐Ÿ• "Keep Learning One Day You Will Get Chance."
 "139" Jeevan Me Sikhate Raho Ek Din Mauka Milega..
๐Ÿ• "No Pain, No Gain One Aim, Own Game."
 "140" Jeevan Me Koi Dard Nahi, Koi Labhi Nahi, Ek Lakshya Khud Ka Khel..
๐Ÿ• "Life Is Really Easy But We Make It Complicated."
 "141" Jeevan Vastav Me Aasaan Hain, Lekin Ham Ise Jatil Bana Dete Hain
two line shayari on life In English
๐Ÿ• "A smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor."
 "142" Life Me Mili Chunautiya Hi Manushy Ko Sahasi Banaati Hain..
๐Ÿ• "There Is Always An option We Only Need To Find It."
 "143" Jeevan Me Hamesha Ek Vikalp Hota Hain Jise Keval Use Khojane Ki Aavshyakta Hoti Hain..
๐Ÿ• "If you want to be strong Learn to fight Alone."
 "144" Jeevan Me Majbut Bananaa Hain To Akele Ladana Sikhon
๐Ÿ• "We all have to Go One Day So Just Make It Memorable."
 "145" Ham Sabhi Ko Ek Din Janaa Hain, Isliye Ise Yaadgaar Banaye..
๐Ÿ• "Behave like fool Think like Brilliant."
 "146" Jeevan Me Murkh Ki Tarh Vyavahaar Kare Aur Brilliant Ki Tarah Soche..

English Shayari on life love

๐Ÿ• "Falling in love is easy But staying in love is Very special."
 "147" Pyaar Karana Aasaan Hain Lekin Pyaar Me Rahana Bahut Khaas Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Always love your friends From your heart not From your mood or need."
 "148" Jeevan Me Hamesha Apane Doston Ko Apane Dil Se Pyaar Kare Naa Ki Apane Modd Ya Jarurat Se..
๐Ÿ• "Life rests on the pillar of love, care & trust. Have a strong pillar to have a beautiful life."
 "149" Jeevan Pyaar, Dekhbhal Aur Vishvaas Ke Stambh Par Tika Hain. Ek Sundar Jeevan Pane Ke Liye Ek Majbut Stambh Rakhe..
๐Ÿ• "The pain that you have been feeling Cannot compare the joy that is coming."
 "150" Jo Dard Aap Mahasus Kar Rahe Hain Usaki Tulana Us Khushi Se Nahi KI Ja Sakati Jo Jeevan Me Aane Wali Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Love is life, & if you miss life, You miss Love."
 "151" Prem Hi Jeevan Hain Aur Yadi Tum Jeevan Ko Kho Dete Ho To Tum Prem Ko Kho Dete Ho..
love life shayari In English
๐Ÿ• "Sometimes expecting the same Love and care in return Hurt a lot."
 "152" Jeevan Me Kabhi-Kabhi Badale Me Usi Pyaar Aur Dekhbhal Ki Ummid Karana Bahut Dukh Deta Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Everything in life happens for a Reason. So Live it and Love it."
 "153" Jeevan Me Sab Kuchh Ek Kaaran Se Hota Hain, Isliye Ise Jeeo Aur Life Ko Pyaar Karo
heart touching life shayari In English
๐Ÿ• "Love when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
 "154" Prem Jab Prem Ki Shakti, Shkti Ke Prem Par Havi Ho Jaaye, To Jeevan Me Shanti Ka Pata Chalata Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Love yourself in people for your life is nothing without them."
 "155" Logo Me Khud Se Pyaar Kare Kyuki Unake Bina Aapki Zindagi Kuchh Bhi Nahi..
heart touching life depression sad shayari In English
๐Ÿ• "If you Want to Live a Happy Life Follow Your Dreams Not Others."
 "156" Yadi Aap Ek Sukhi Jeevan Jeena Chahate Hain To Dusaro Ke Nahi Apane Sapanon Ka Palan Kare..
Life shayari in english attitude
๐Ÿ• "After breakup she got a new partner & I got a new life."
 "157" Breakup Ke Baad Use Naya Partner Mila Aur Mujhe Nayi Life Mili.. life partner shayari In English
life partner shayari In English
๐Ÿ• "Trust what you feel, Not what you hear."
 "158" Aap Jo Mahasus Karate Hain Us Par Bharosha Kare, Jo Aap Sunate HAIN uS par Nahi..
๐Ÿ• "It’s easy to make 15 Friends in one year, But keeping one Friend for 15Years is special."
 "159" Jeevan Me 15 Dost Banaana Asaan Hain, Lekin Jeevan Bhar Ek Dost Rakhana Khaas Hain..
๐Ÿ• "My feelings will die one day I am sure I’ll forget you."
 "160" Meri Bhavanaye Ek Din Mar Jayegi Mujhe Yakin Hain Ki Tuumhe Jeevan Bhar Ke Liye Bhul Jaunga..
๐Ÿ• "Don’t feel sad if Someone rejects you People always reject Expensive things and go For the cheap one."
 "161" Koi Tumhe Thukra De To Udaas Mat Hona, Log Hamesha Mahangi Chiz Ko Thukara Kar Saste Ko Apana Lete Hain..

Struggle life Shayari in english

๐Ÿ• "Our life is a result of our dominant thoughts."
 "162" Hamara Jeevan Hamare Prabal Vicharo Ka Parinaam Hain..
life Sad shayari in english
๐Ÿ• "In the end, i have learned was how to be strong."
 "163" Anth Maine Seekha Hain Ki Kaise Majbut Hona Hain..
๐Ÿ• "You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it."
 "164" Aapko Yah Jeevan Diya Gaya Hain Kyuki Aap Ise Jeene Ke Liye Kafi Majbut Hain.. Life Status In English For Whatsapp
Life Status In English For Whatsapp
๐Ÿ• "Don’t Wait Because No One Is There To Help You."
 "165" jeevan Me Kisi Ki Pratiksha Naa Kare Kyuki Aapki Sahayata Ke Liye Koi Nahi Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Life become easy when You become strong."
 "166" Jab Aap Majbut Ho Jaate Hain To Jeevan Aasaan Ho Jata Hain
Life Status Short
๐Ÿ• "I Know It Your Bad Time And I Also Know Good Time Is Waiting For You."
 "167" Mujhe Pata Hain Ki Aapke Jeevan Ka Sabase Bura Samay Hain Aur Yah Bhi Pata Hain Ki Achchha Samay Aapka Intezaar Kar Raha Hain..
๐Ÿ• "Never Remember Bad Days Because It Takes Your Today."
 "168" Apane Jeevan Me Bure Dinon Ko Kabhi Yaad Na Rakhe Kyuki Yah Aapka Aaj Le Leta Hain
๐Ÿ• "Life Is So Fast Like A bullet So Never Forget Those Who Always Supported You."
 "169" Jeevan Ek Goli Ki Tarah BAhut Tez Hain, Isliye Unhe Kabhi Mat Bhulana Jinhone Hamesha Aapka Sath Diya..
Best Life Status in English
๐Ÿ• "Life doesn’t give you what you want. It gives you what you work for."
 "170" Jeevan Aap KO Wah NAhi Deta Jo Aap Chahate Hain, Yah Aap Ko Wah Deta Hain Jisake Liye Aap Kaam Karate Hain..
Best Life Status for Whatsapp in English
๐Ÿ• "Life is God’s novel. Let him write it."

Life Shayari in English one line

๐Ÿ• "life is simple if we are simple."
 "172" Ham Saral Hain, To Jeevan Saral Hain..
life shayari In English one line
๐Ÿ• "The will to live justifies the life itself."
 "173" Jeene Ki Ichchha Hi Jeevan Ko Sahi Thaharati Hain..
English Status on life
๐Ÿ• "Life doesn’t get easier you get stronger."
 "174" Jeevan Aasaan Nahi Hota Aap Majbut Banate Hain..
2 line life status in english
๐Ÿ• "Life is a masquerade."
 "175" Jeevan Ek Bahana Hain Jeene Ke Liye..
one line life shayari In English
๐Ÿ• "There is still so much to see."
 "176" Dekhane Ke Liye Abhi Bhi Jeevan Me Bahut Kuchh Hain
๐Ÿ• "Anything can happen in life."
 "177" Jeevan Me Kuchh Bhi Ho Sakata Hain.. my life status
my life status
๐Ÿ• "never did, and always will."
 "178" Kabhi Nahi Kiya Aur Hamesha Karunga..
๐Ÿ• "I am always hungry For success."
 "179" Main Jeevan Bhar Safalata Ke Liye Bhukha Rahata Hun..
๐Ÿ• "In life, nothing is simple."
 "180" Jeevan Me Kuchh Bhi Saral Nahi Hain. short status about life
short status about life
๐Ÿ• "Feel the strength & Become Fearless."
 "181" Jeevan Me Takat Mahasus Karo Aur Nidar Bano..
๐Ÿ• "Pain is temporary Pride is forever."
 "182" Jeevan Me Dard Kshanik Hain, Jabaki Gaurav Hamesha Ke Liye
๐Ÿ• "Don’t worry Bro your time Is bad ."
 "183" Chinta Na Karo Bhai Tumhara Waqt Kharab Hain, Tum Nahi..
๐Ÿ• "Old habits Won’t Bring new results."
 "184" Purani Aadate Jeevan Me Naye Parinaam Nahi Laayegi..
Happy life status in english
๐Ÿ• "Bro life is a The game be a pro."
 "185" Bhai Jeevan Ek Khel Hain, Peshevar Bano
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